About Us

The FIELDS Organization

  • FIELDS is a Native American owned and managed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established July 2013.
  • Centrally located in Pocatello, Idaho near Fort Hall Indian Reservation of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.

"Cultivating Native American Self-Reliance"

  • The Need: Education and employment success that creates self-reliance and effective leadership to help strengthen and fortify Native American communities.
  • Keys to Success: Regional economy-focused tribal workforce planning, high-contact mentoring and support, and self-reliance-focused Native American curriculum.
  • Results: Empowered tribal nations and strengthened Native American leaders and tribal members.

The Mission of FIELDS

To serve as a catalyst in cultivating Native American self-reliance, leadership, and prosperity by facilitating Native American higher education and career success and building human capital for sustainable economic and community development.

Impact of FIELDS

  • FIELDS cultivates Native American self-reliance by building a bridge to academic success and to sustainable career employment in the regional economy.
  • FIELDS significantly increases the effectiveness and impact of investments in Native American higher education success.
  • Through its outreach to Native American students who have become disengaged from the educational process and to middle school and high school students, FIELDS engages a much larger pool of students in the higher education and career engagement system.
  • By increasing Native American higher education and career success, FIELDS strengthens tribal nations, the economy and society.

The FIELDS Formula

The FIELDS formula is “teaching a person to fish” - building capacity in the community to create self-reliance and prosperity.

  1. FIELDS works with a tribal community to assess its regional economy.
  2. FIELDS identifies career pathway opportunities in regional industries and higher education and training programs to prepare tribal members to enter these career pathways.
  3. FIELDS facilitates high-contact student mentoring, tutoring, instruction, advising, and workplace internships to guide tribal students in completing their education and training programs.
  4. FIELDS delivers curriculum in financial literacy and academic preparation; Indigenous economic, organizational, and sustainable development; entrepreneurship; and related disciplines to build self-reliance leadership.

Current Projects

  • A phased approach is being utilized to deploy FIELDS education and career engagement services to tribal communities.
  • FIELDS has implemented two initial projects serving parts of parts of the Idaho/Utah/Nevada/Wyoming region in the U.S. and the Alberta/Saskatchewan region in Canada.
  • In the future, FIELDS will deploy these services to other tribes across the U.S., Canada, and beyond.

Our Team

Key members of the FIELDS team are tribal members and FIELDS has the expertise to develop, implement, and evaluate innovative programs that are based on the unique educational and economic needs of the Native American community.

Doyle Anderson-President and CEO

As the founder of FIELDS, Doyle has over 25 years of experience in higher education leadership, economic development, business education, and community development for Native American people. Doyle has extensive Native American higher education mentorship, program delivery, and curriculum development experience. He has created a record of success in educating and training many of today’s top Native American business and community leaders. Doyle is a member of Red Pheasant Cree Nation of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Kirk Dooley- Director of Operations

Elise Blaser-Programs and Development Officer

Roger Edmunds- Director of Relationship Management